Welcome to the Kemmerer Lions Club

Welcome to the Kemmerer Lions Club

Welcome to the Kemmerer Lions ClubWelcome to the Kemmerer Lions ClubWelcome to the Kemmerer Lions Club



Eva and Her Family are Facing a Life-Altering Condition

Eva Helm, the daughter of Matt and Brit Helm, was diagnosed with Diabetes insipidus (DI) caused by a brain tumor very close to the Pituitary Gland.  Eva will be having brain surgery on October 1st to remove the tumor.  Eva’s Father Matt Helm manages Green River Stone Company’s Kemmerer Quarry, and is an amazing friend to all of us in the fossil industry.

Update (January 26, 2020)

Eva has undergone surgery to remove the Brain Tumor, and heals from her ordeal as she and her family learn to cope with the Diabetic condition that the tumor caused. The family continues with ongoing follow up visits and medical expenses, and will likely do so for years to come. The Kemmerer Lions Club has begun to raise funds to help the family cover some of these ongoing expenses, allowing the family to focus less on finances and more on the recovery of young Eva.

To help Eva, enter for a chance to win a StrikeMaster gas ice auger. Special thanks to Rapala/StrikeMaster for donating the auger.

easton's project - a special kLC project

We've Reached Our Goal!

Update (January 21, 2019) Radar (Easton's service dog) has arrived! The trainer will remain with Radar and the family for a period of time to help get Radar settled in.  Work will also begin to acquaint Easton's peers and others with the protocol for interacting with a service animal.

Congratulations to Easton and his family on achieving this life-saving goal, and thank you to all who supported the Kemmerer Lions Club to allow us to help!

To learn more about this exciting project, please visit Easton's Project.

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For more than 90 years, the Kemmerer Lions Club has been donating time, raising funds, and working with members of the community to help youth and elderly who cannot afford basic vision and hearing care, and to help better the communities of Kemmerer and surrounding areas. The Kemmerer Lions Club also helps to support regional organizations and events for the visual/hearing impaired. The Kemmerer Lions Club supports these efforts through its Annual Ice Fishing Derby and Summer Golf Tournament.

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Annual Ice Fishing Derby


Going strong for nearly 40 years, the Annual Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby fundraiser draws participants from all over the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Supported by local and regional sponsors, the event awards over $4,100 in guaranteed daily and hourly prizes, and offers participants the chance to win over $35,000 in tagged-fish prizes.


Annual Golf Tournament


In cooperation with the Fossil Island Golf Club, the Kemmerer Lions Club hosts its Annual Lions Club Golf Tournament fundraiser. Sponsored by local and regional sponsors, the event brings participants from Kemmerer, Diamondville, and surrounding communities to raise funds and support Kemmerer Lions Club causes and projects.