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35th Annual Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby - Feb. 16th & 17th, 2019


For more than 30 years, the Kemmerer Lions Club has hosted its Annual Ice Fishing Derby. All proceeds from the Derby go to support Kemmerer Lions Club causes and projects. 




Thank you to Black Canyon Trout Farm for providing the fish to be tagged and stocked for the 2017, 2018, & 2019 events! Also, thank you to Robb Keith and Chris Baird from the Wyoming Game and Fish for assisting and witnessing the tagging.

Tournament Rules/Game & Fish Regulations

Derby Rules & Details (pdf)


2019 WY Game & Fish Regulations (pdf)


Free Commemorative Pin - Thank You!


35th Annual Ice Fishing Derby Pin

Please stop by the HQ trailer sometime through the event for your free commemorative Derby pin. As a thank you to all past and current participants and to commemorate 35 years of our great event, the Kemmerer Lions Club would like to offer this token of our gratitude for your support.

the results are in!


2019 Overall Winners:


Overall Big Fish: Michel Corgiat (Sunset, UT) $1,000 with a 23 1/4" Fish

Women’s Overall Big Fish: Joey Antilla (Kemmerer, WY): $150 with a 20 1/4” Fish

Youth Overall Big Fish: Jayden Mills (Evanston, WY): $150 with a 19 1/4” Fish 

Daily Winners:



First Daily Big Fish: Kristy Smith (Kemmerer, WY): $300 with a 22” Fish

Second Daily Big Fish: Trinity Kofoed (Kemmerer, WY): $200 with a 21 1/2” Fish


First Daily Big Fish: Corey Sawley (Midvale, UT): $300 with a 21” Fish

Second Daily Big Fish: Tied - Tyler Sims (Montpelier, ID)/Ken Nishi (Kemmerer, WY): $100 each with a 20 3/4” Fish

Hourly Winners:



8:00 Hour: Kristy Smith (Kemmerer, WY): $100 with a 22” Fish

9:00 Hour: Tied - Corey Sawley (Midvale, UT)/Tanna Martin (Roosevelt, UT): $50 each with a 19 1/2” Fish

10:00 Hour: Tied - Robert Coker (Pleasant View, UT)/Joey Antilla: $50 each with a 20 1/4” Fish

11:00 Hour: Trinity Kofoed (Kemmerer, WY): $100 with a 21 1/2” Fish

12:00 Hour: Tyler Bernhisel (Twin Falls, ID): $100 with a 20 1/2” Fish

1:00 Hour: Keith Batista (Kemmerer, WY): $100 with a 19 3/4” Fish

2:00 Hour: Shaun Painter (Kemmerer, WY): $100 with a 20 3/8” Fish

3:00 Hour: Rick Pollard (Kemmerer, WY): $100 with a 20 1/4” Fish

4:00 Hour: Derick Whittington (Pinedale, WY): $100 with a 20 1/2” Fish


8:00 Hour: Corey Sawley (Midvale, UT): $100 with a 21” Fish

9:00 Hour: Tanner Hansen (Diamondville, WY): $100 with a 19 1/4” Fish

10:00 Hour: Michel Corgiat (Sunset, UT): $100 with a 23 1/4” Fish

11:00 Hour: Ken Nishi (Kemmerer, WY): $100 with a 20 3/4” Fish

12:00 Hour: Paul Bernhisel (Twin Falls, ID): $100 with a 19 3/4” Fish

1:00 Hour: Zack Angelos (Bountiful, UT): $100 with a 19 1/8” Fish

2:00 Hour: Lonnie Delzer (Roy, UT): $100 with a 19 3/4” Fish

3:00 Hour: Tanna Martin (Roosevelt, UT): $100 with a 20” Fish

4:00 Hour: Brian Martin (Roosevelt, UT): $100 with a 19 3/8” Fish

Thank you to all who make the event possible each year!

We'vE reached our goal!


Update (January 21, 2019)

Radar (Easton's service dog) has arrived at last!

Congratulations to Easton and his family on achieving this life-saving goal, and thank you to all who supported the Kemmerer Lions Club to allow us to help!

To find out about our most recent project, please visit Easton's Project.

Easton's Project - Ice Auger Raffle


Congratulations to Charles Mathison, the winner of the ice auger!

Thank you to all who participated in this fundraiser raffle. Thanks to your support and generosity, the Kemmerer Lions Club was able to raise just over $3,000, with 302 tickets sold!

...visit Easton's Project to learn more.

Special Thanks to StrikeMaster for Donating the Auger!!!

Visit StrikeMaster for more great products!

2019 Derby Apparel


2019 Apparel Coming Soon!

current ice conditions

2019 Conditions on Lake Viva Naughton

As of February 9, 2019, Lake Viva Naughton has solid ice cover of at least 24 inches with minimal slush. The lake is covered in 8-12" of snow, with more to come by the event. Tracked vehicles are advisable due to the amount of snow. Please check back as the Derby gets closer for more current updates.

With an elevation of just over 7,200 feet, Lake Viva Naughton generally sees a minimum of 24" of solid ice, even on warmer years. Water-level management has improved in recent years, which has resulted in minimal slush conditions.

lake viva naughton

Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby Headquarters

Come Join the Fun and Support a Great Cause! CLICK HERER TO REGISTER ONLINE

Kemmerer Lions Club

15699 State Hwy 233, Kemmerer, Wyoming 83101, United States


Saturday February 16 and Sunday February 17, 2019

7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Each Day

Please Contact Us with Any Questions


register online


Easy Online Registration. Thank you for supporting our cause!!

Derby registraton and apparel

Availability of apparel is first-come/first-serve, while inventory remains. Refund will be issued for pre-ordered items that have sold out.

prizes and general rules


Announcing the 35th Annual Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby 

Lake Viva Naughton - 16 miles North of Kemmerer, Wyoming 

CASH Prizes Only! 

$1000 Lions Club Overall Big Fish 

$300 and $200 Daily Big Fish Prizes 

$150 for the overall big fish caught by a Woman, (over 14 years old) 

$150 for the overall big fish caught by a Child, (under 14 years old) 

$100 Hourly Big Fish Prizes 

$4100 Guaranteed Cash Prizes for 2019 

Over $138,000 in Cash Awarded in Prior Derbies 


SIX tagged Fish, for a Total of $35,000!

ONE $1,000.00 Fish

TWO  $2,000.00 Fish! 

ONE  $5,000.00 Fish! 

ONE $10,000.00 Fish 

ONE $15,000.00 Fish!! 


Derby Rules

(2019 Regulations Are Subject to Change)

1) Must have a valid 2019 Wyoming fishing license and conservation stamp(if required). 

2) Each participant on the lake (including children) must be registered and have entry form in possession.

3) Fish (trout only) must be measured at the Lions-designated area within 1/2 hour of being caught. 

4) Big fish will be determined by length - measured to the nearest 1/8 inch.

5) Fish under 19 inches in length will not be eligible for any prize, culling is prohibited.

6) Dates: February 16 & 17, 2019; time 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

7) Daily and big fish prizes will be awarded at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, February 17, 2019. Lions Club is not responsible for any prizes other than those listed. 

8) Hourly prizes will be awarded immediately after winner is determined.

9) First hourly period will end at 8:30 a.m. and each subsequent hourly period will end on the 1/2 hour until 4:30 p.m. each day.

10) If no fish are measured during any hourly period, the second (third, etc.) largest fish from the preceding hour will be used to determine the current hourly winner.

 11) Winning participants who qualify for more than one daily or overall prize will be awarded the larger of the eligible cash prizes. Subsequent prizes will be awarded to the next largest fish, with each winning participant eligible for only one daily or overall prize. This rule does not apply to hourly prize eligibility. 

12) Snowmobiles will be allowed but only in designated areas. This is considered a privilege and anyone abusing this privilege will be subject to disqualification from the derby.

13) Each entrant assumes all risks and liabilities. The Lions Club disclaims any responsibility for any personal injury or any other liability that occurs as a result of the derby.

14) Judges decision is final.

15) All contestants must abide by all Wyoming Game and Fish regulations concerning fishing, aquatic invasive species and boating.  Any participant found to violate any Game and Fish regulation from 7 AM Saturday (Feb 16) until 4 PM Sunday (Feb 17) will be disqualified.

tagged fish rules

Tagged Fish Contest Terms and Conditions

Only Fish Tagged for the 2019 Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby are eligible for tagged fish prizes. Only registered entrants for the 2019 Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby are eligible for tagged fish prizes. Tagged fish must be caught during the hours of the derby from 7am-4pm on February 16th and 17th 2019. Tagged fish must be brought to the derby headquarters immediately after the catch and will be held for verification by Wyoming Game and Fish officers and insurance company verification. Members of the Kemmerer Lions Club and their immediate family are not eligible for any tagged fish prize. Vouchers will be awarded for tagged fish which are verified at the derby, actual prize money will be awarded when it is received from the insurer, (approximately two weeks).